Sabato 21 Aprile 2012

lo staff NEXT WORLD EVENTS ritorna con un altra potente serata progressive trance in collaborazione con lo staff Piramid Power di Rimini!!

La serata come da tradizione trance sarà accompagnata da un imponente laser show!!

Line up:


Marco was born in Rimini in 25.02.80, he started as  professional dj since 1997. .

Producer, Art director and resident Dj of  ”Piramid Power events”


Dj Shy was born in India but he now lives in a small place on the east central coast of Italy.

He started to approach to the Trance music when he first heard some of big Bonzai tracks from the masters like M.I.K.E., Airwave and Dj Fire.

Drifting slowly away from the general electronic commercial music to which Italy was heavily flooded, Dj Shy started to play Trance music with a set of Technics turntables.

In the past few months DJ Shy has also hit the Trance music scene by releasing several tracks onto some important Labels like Sorcery Records, Inspired Digital, Only One, the new born scottish Off the Scale and Nu Communicate.

Dj Shy is an all around EDM producer who doesn’t like to stagnate on a unique genre.

When talking of Dj Shy as producer, we’re talking of an Ambient, Progressive, Uplifting and also Tech producer, who opens his mind to any kind of electronic music, depending on the mood and the track to be written or remixed.

His tracks have been supported and gained important feedbacks from the likes of Markus Schulz, Bobina, Cramp,Robert Vadney, Tom Colontonio, Marc Simz, Neil Moore, Chris & Chrix, Astuni, Fabio XB, Amex, Kaneda, Woody van Eyden, Dj Feel, Chris Duncan and many others!

He is still nowadays devoted to the 12″ sound and he never misses the chance to play some classic vinyl tracks in his Radio shows. Waves of Freedom and New Horizons: both shows highlights Dj Shy way of understanding Trance music in all his aspects, from Progressive and Breaks ítill the pure Uplift and rough sounds. The weekly Waves of Freedom Show always includes a track from the past, so the 15 year history of Trance Music is not forgotten, while the weekly New Horizons, allows him to showcase the best in Ambient-breaks-progressive.

Dj Shy Presents Waves of Freedom:
Every Monday from 4p.m.GMT/5p.m.CET []

Dj Shy Presents New Horizons:
Every Wednesday from 9p.m.GMT /10p.m.CET [] | Every Thursday from 8p.m.GMT/9p.m.CET []

Born in Italy, Mark L’s passion for dance music was sparked in the many clubs of Riccione. At the age of 17 Mark was frequenting the clubs where DJs including Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Sasha and Digweed were all just kicking off their live sets in 2000.

Mark began participating in major festivals across Europe such as Nature One, Dance Valley, Trance Energy and Mayday. In 2008 Mark’s passion for music led him to London where he could take his first steps into the world of DJing.

Mark has become a pioneer of digital DJing after setting himself up on Ableton, where he creates productions as well as performs live. Like his icons John 00 Fleming and John Askew, Mark’s sound is a pure, deep dark Trance which he uses to integrate and entrance his audience.

His unmistakable and evolving sound has led him back to Italy in 2011, where he and mate DJ Vandal have developed the Trance crew Next World Events. Next World Events are organizing major events including Elektropark 2011 as well as the Next World Night based at Polena Lab this Winter. Next World Events is also collaborating with other Trance crews such as Marche Trance Movement and Art of Trance which will have Mark playing alongside acclaimed DJs Will Atkinson and Aly & Fila.

In addition to the events he is planning with Next World Events Mark also presents his own radio show on Dutch’s Trance FM called ‘Fusion of Sound’ broadcasted every third Wednesday of the Month.


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Biglietto d’ingresso 5 €

X info su liste e direzioni contattare

Marco 3668021476
Andrea 3473725848

VIETATO MANCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


da A14/Ancona
uscita ss Jesi Est, girare a dx poi prosegui avanti alla prima rotatoria sempre dritto alla seconda girare a sx prosegui dritto cosi entrerai in Jesi percorrendo il Viale della Vittoria.
All’altezza del hotel Mariani e distributore Esso parcheggia la macchiana.
Di fianco all’ Hotel sali per la scalinata, incima gira a dx, avanti 100mt poi scendi x le scale a dx a fianco della Banca… Sei arrivato/a..!!!
nella piazza c’è il Polena Lab



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