TRANCE SPIRIT – Special Guest MAYA (Iono Music)

Sabato 14 Aprile 2012

► Special Guest from London

MAYA (Iono Music – Technoexperience)

Maya started his artistic career as a Mc in 1995, performing in the best italian clubs and after parties.

In the early ’00s he founded Technoexperience, a cooperative project with aim to organize goa parties, and soon began to emerge on the italian goa-trance scene as one of the main promoters, contributing to bringing the scene to a mainstream level and introducing to the italian scene international goa-trance artists for the first time.

Technoexperience is the mind behind some of the most important events on the local trance scene, such as SINAPSY, 24 ORE GOA, UNITED COLORS OF MUSIC (the first italian three days legal festival).

At the same time he started an electronic live act, where he collaborated with other musicians to create an experimental type of progressive goa, putting togheter electronic sounds (made using synthesizers and drum machines) and mixing them with tribal instruments such as didjereedoos and djembes.
This resulted into becoming an avant-garde project, something never heard before at the time, which went on to become a feature of many Technoexperience parties and other related events around italy

In late 2003 he started to dj as well and this went on to become his main activity.

His adventure as an international dj began in 2009 and soon his music style started being appreciated in many different countries.

His name appears in the lineup of many killer parties and festivals in all around Europe, Brazil and Thailand.

Maya enjoys playing different musical styles but his favourites genre are progressive-trance and psy/fullon!

He’s Iono Music label dj since 2011.

► Dj’s

AESIS ALIEN (Polena Records)

AESIS ALIEN is a Psy-Trance project founded by Sasha Cardinali.

He born in 1977 and he moved his first steps in the psychedelic scene in 2001, with some performances in some big parties and organizing events in Marche Montain in collaboration with Goaspirit until 2004. He played in two edition of Street Rave , at Star Fuckers festival and Livello 57 both in Bologna and at Sun Explotion. In 2005 He travelled in Goa (India) and He played at Nine bar and others psychedelic beach bar. Follow In 2006 another journey this time in Brazil where He played for three times at Akatù Parties in Arraial d’Ajuda. Sasha is between the founders of Polena Records, he works actively at this project giving an essential contribution; in fact he collaborates to the creation of events and productions from 2004. In 2008 Sasha produced and mixed with Michele Fiori the album “Goa Gate Vol 1” for E-Beiz Project. Follow another EP in 2009 called “Around Goa”. In 2009 he starts to play with performance live in different parties and clubs in middle Italy. The debut of Aesis Alien discography is with the EP called “Wisdom Gate” where he put all his background to make Psy Trance music..
In 2011 Sasha togheter Valeria Aresta and Miche Fiori founder and promoter of Polena Lab the club where He can play every mounth his sound..

SANTIAGO (Goaspirit)

►Visual + Special effect LASER SHOWS


Speciali offerte per iniziare prima la serata..

dopo INGRESSO 5€


Happy Hour dalle 24.00 alle 01.00…


da A14/Ancona
uscita ss Jesi Est, girare a dx poi prosegui avanti alla prima rotatoria sempre dritto alla seconda girare a sx prosegui dritto cosi entrerai in Jesi percorrendo il Viale della Vittoria.
All’altezza del hotel Mariani e distributore Esso parcheggia la macchiana.
Di fianco all’ Hotel sali per la scalinata, incima gira a dx, avanti 100mt poi scendi x le scale a dx a fianco della Banca… Sei arrivato/a..!!!
nella piazza c’è il Polena Lab



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