►Special Guest:

DJANE AKBAL (Electrik Dream Records) HOLLAND

► Dj’s

AESIS ALIEN (Polena Records)

ANDERS (Lightspheres)

ZOFONE (Lightspheres)

►Visual + Special effect LASER SHOWS + Fluo Deco





da A14/Ancona
uscita ss Jesi Est, girare a dx poi prosegui avanti alla prima rotatoria sempre dritto alla seconda girare a sx prosegui dritto cosi entrerai in Jesi percorrendo il Viale della Vittoria.
All’altezza del hotel Mariani e distributore Esso parcheggia la macchiana.
Di fianco all’ Hotel sali per la scalinata, incima gira a dx, avanti 100mt poi scendi x le scale a dx a fianco della Banca… Sei arrivato/a..!!!
nella piazza c’è il Polena Lab



(Djane) Akbal is Eveliene van Vroonhoven, born in Amsterdam on September 8, 1976. She has a rich musical background: at the age of 4 she started playing the flute and studied classical Music. She has played in several orchestras and won numerous awards. It was back in 1997 she discovered the electronic music scene and since this opened up new doors of exploring new possibilities, she decided to start buying her first vinyls and learned how to mix and create stories. Not much later she moved to the ELF-squad, famous for the numerous parties we had there. This squad was inhabited by 150 people from all over the world; dj’s, musicians, artists, clothing-designers, travelers, etc., and there was always a huge amount of travelers staying over for some days, making our ELF-family grow. It was in those days she got her first opportunities to spin her records for an audience and from there the snowball started rolling. After 2 years of performing in Holland and Germany, and perfectionise her mixing techniques, she decided it was time to move on to a new adventure and spent 6 months on the magical island of Ibiza. In those years the underground party-scene was stronger than ever: all summer long, parties of 3 days in the nature with fantastic people and mind-blowing music followed each other up. The immense joy and her adrenalin got such an enormous boost that many years of intense traveling started. First it was a quick trip to London to have a first experience in the music-production, together with Process (Sean Williams), their track “the crocodile” got released on the album: Process – Superior Technology. Than the journey continued to Los Angeles / California, where she lived for 1 year and performed at some great parties in LA, San Francisco, Houston and the Nevada desert. The Burning Man Festival must have been the absolute high-light! Than she went back to Ibiza to be part of another incredible season there. From Ibiza she traveled to Valencia / Spain where she ‘got stuck’ for 2 months, and than the time arrived to fly to the country that would give her some of the best times of her life: Mexico! 5 Years of exploring, learning to live with indigenous people, fishing and picking coco-nuts, dancing the salsa and eating taco’s, but also 5 years filled with performances all over the Republic and in Guatemala at parties and festivals with up to 15.000 people! After 5 years of intense experiences she could not resist her desire to finally start producing her own music. So a little sacrifice had to be made: going back to Europe and make the money necessary to buy some of the basic equipments to make music. This was in the year 2005. In between that date and the present she lived in Amsterdam, Italy and since June 2009 she is thrilled to be back on Ibiza again! Even though the island has turned much more into a capitalistic machine, the magic is definitely still there and with some artists who are resident on the island she is now working on quite some promising projects. More news soon. Countries that Akbal has performed in: Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Romenia, Greece, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Spain, England, USA, Mexico and Guatemala.

di Polena Lab


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